Tourism in Solana Beach: our Hidden Treasure

There is nothing but a beautiful horizon to be seen while walking on any of the four beaches that make up Solana Beach. In Fletcher Cove you will find a striking resemblance to the Aztec ruins with its sandy “mountains” lining the shore topped by quaint houses. There are endless outdoor activities offered, such as kayaking and hiking, for those less inclined, there are boutiques to create a full day. By night, a tour of San Diego nightlife is just minutes away. Enjoy the many diverse restaurants to experience a “taste” of all of the culture there is to absorb!

Solana_Beach_in1956With four main beaches making up Solana Beach, it is no wonder why this is a community of surfers. Each beach offers a new landscape while surfing the exhilarating waves. With plenty of community organized surfing events, anyone can enjoy a bit of friendly competition and/or participate in raising funds for a good cause. There is hardly a dull moment to be found on a beautiful, sunny day with waves pleading for you to come out and play.

If you are fortunate enough to be in Solana Beach in the early summer months you may encounter the highly anticipated Fiesta del Sol, a traditional music festival that has been running for the past 32 years. Two days of continuous music, arts, crafts and enjoyment for all ages with no admission cost is hard to come by and worthwhile to take advantage of. Performers bring music of all types including jazz, Latin, rock and blues, further emphasizing the thick culture of the region.

Keep Sunday afternoons reserved for a trip to the Solana Beach Farmer’s Market available between 1pm and 5pm. From the locally grown produce to the hand crafted and homemade goods, this is the most authentic way to directly connect with Solana Beach. With tables lining the street you can take your time, and a seat, browsing and enjoying anything of interest to you, whether it is a delicious fruit or a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry.

Cedros Avenue is no Fifth Avenue by any means. Fifth Avenue cannot offer the unique pieces to lure you into the various shops and galleries along the way. Every doorway seems to a hold an experience unlike any other. Enjoy a wine you have never come across or make your way toward a fabulous piece for your bedroom, find something you would never find anywhere else. Explore all the wonder Cedros Avenue has to offer.

Affordability, variety, and a rare location leave no excuse to miss out on experiencing what Solana Beach has to offer. The average home has 2-3 bedrooms and is equipped with views to die for. With so many options and the wonderful value of each rental home it is best to choose one quickly before another lucky visitor does.

Keeping up with your urban city life while still being able to kick back and enjoy a small community is one of many great reasons to come to Solana Beach. With the family friendly activities that never seem to stop you will be wondering why you considered anywhere else. It is very likely you will want to come back to catch up on anything you may have missed during your first visit. Fortunately, Solana Beach is always providing new and exciting ways to entertain guests. If it is a seat at the farmer’s market, a surf lesson in Fletcher Cove or a beautiful sculpture on Cedros Avenue, a reservation is waiting for you!

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Limo San Diego! Ride in Style in San Diego

Whether you are out for a night on the town and want to ride in style, need a way to travel from the airport or impress your clients limousines are the way to go. No longer are limousines just used for weddings and millionaires. Everyone can ride in style and enjoy the luxury afforded by a limousine San Diego rental.
All variety of limousine in San Diego is available for rental. Whether you need an executive sedan to pick someone up at the airport or a stretch limousine for a wedding party one has many choices to choose from. Companies offer the most updated and state of the art equipment in their limo San Diego fleets. The stretch limousine in San Diego can seat from 6-8 people in the stretch sedan limo all the way up to 18 people in the popular SUV stretch limousine.

Limousines in San Diego may be rented for special excursions such as wine or brewery tours. Dinner specials are available. With these you can ride in luxury and elegance to that special dinner. What better way to enjoy your tour or dinner knowing you have that designated driver that is so important. San Diego limousines provide service to and from sporting events, concerts, theater, dining, parties and proms.

What a great way to celebrate your bachelor or bachelorette party than to rent a stretch limousine which can be decorated in your wedding colors by the limousine company. Let the San Diego limo driver take care of you for the evening. Just tell them where you want to go, sit back and enjoy. You will feel like royalty riding in style in the lap of luxury.

Drivers of limousine companies in San Diego are certified chauffeurs who are professional, experienced, courteous, and well trained. Drivers pride themselves on being prompt and at your service. They are your mobile concierge. You have a need; they will try their hardest to fulfill it.

Rates for a limousine in San Diego can run any where from $65 per hour up to $795 per hour depending on where you are going and the type of limousine requested. Limousines are affordable for all price ranges. So, treat yourself to luxury and excitement. Rent a San Diego limousine and ride in style! 

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Wedding Day Transportation – Wedding Limousines in San Diego

One of the hallmarks of a wedding day celebration is arriving on-time and in style in the back of a stylish stretch limousine in San Diego. Finding the right company to provide services on the most important day of one’s life can be a nerve wracking experience. With a long and successful history of transporting local couples to their special celebrations, the knowledgeable and professional staff at Ajana Transportation are the logical choice for a wedding day limousine in San Diego.

With a diverse fleet of vehicles, Ajana Transportation has the perfect wedding day ride for the most discerning of brides and grooms. Whether couples are in need of a traditional stretch limousine or desire something larger and more contemporary such as a party bus, this local limousine company offers something for everyone. Whether seeking out transportation for the bride and groom, attendants or the entire wedding party including guests, Ajana Transportation is able to accommodate any and all requests for service.

As the San Diego area’s leading wedding limousine provider, couples will find pristine vehicles, professionally attired and knowledgeable chauffeurs along with service that goes above and beyond expectation. The fleet is available in a variety of colors and sizes to accommodate the individual requests of brides and grooms. Prospective customers are welcome to schedule a consultation and fleet visit to ensure the reserved vehicles meet all anticipated needs and expectations.

The staff at Ajana Transportation stands ready to help guide couples through the complexities of selecting wedding day transportation. Drawing on years of experience, the trained professionals will help couples determine the number of vehicles needed, timing of arrivals and departures and ensure a seamless delivery of wedding day transportation services. Additionally, out of town guest transportation, pre-wedding parties including bachelor/bachelorette parties and honeymoon transportation needs will all be addressed in the planning phase.

When impeccable service, attention to detail and a proven track record are of the utmost importance, couples planning their nuptials should look no further than the wedding day limousine offerings of Ajana Transportation.
Engaged couples should visit for further information or call the helpful staff at Ajana Transportation to schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss their wedding day transportation and all available package offerings. If peace of mind is of the utmost importance, engaged couples should trust all of their transportation needs to San Diego’s leading wedding day limousine provider, Ajana Transportation.

Visit Town Car Limo San Diego
Tel (858) 205 9110 24/7 for further information

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Touring the San Diego Area In a Private Limousine

San Diego, the third largest city in California, offers the best of Southern California without the traffic and crowds of Los Angeles. Situated on the United States/Mexican boarder, it serves as the gateway to Mexico. With year round great weather, San Diego’s beaches, zoo, amusement parks and historical sites are open all year round. One of the best ways to visit the San Diego area is to hire a limousine in San Diego and explore the many different areas of this region.

Pacific Beach is a great place to begin your journey in San Diego. Pacific Beach is San Diego’s largest beach and has over 3.2 miles of boardwalk near the beach. Surfing, swimming, and boogie boards are in constant use here. There are miles of shopping, dining and equipment rental stalls near the beach. For later, the beach has a vibrant night life at several local bars and nightclubs. This is the area that the young people of San Diego frequent. Many of the streets of the area are named after jewels, and Pacific Beach is a jewel of San Diego.

Continuing north from San Diego, next is the seaside resort community of La Jolla. This is an upper scale community nearer San Diego and the home of the University of California at San Diego and the Salk Institute. La Jolla has its own beach, Korean War memorial on Mount Soledad, vibrant nightlife and coffee shops filled with students. In an area filled with beaches, the blue waters of La Jolla’s beaches stand out. The city is known as the jewel of San Diego. The Torrey Pines Golf Course is located here.

Solana Beach is the next town continuing north in your town car from San Diego. Solana Beach, started as a ranch by a single owner, is a small beach town of 12,000 people. Areas of this town were settled by the families of Mexican workers on the ranchos. Solana Beach has a central access and lots of sand and surf. These beaches are used by families, and both smoking and alcohol is banned on the beaches here. The town has a number of great souvenir shops and small cafes, along with quaint houses.

Encinitas is the next city on your trip north. This city’s main industry is ornamental flowers, and flowers can be found all over the city. Encinitas specialty is poinsettias. This city is divided into several sections. There is a new area with modern buildings, houses and shopping malls. Old Encinatas features homes and streets from the rancho area of San Diego. Leucadia features homes built in the 1950s with tree lined streets and large boulevards. Olivehein is the rural part of the city, where many of the flowers are grown. Cardiff-by-the-Sea is the ocean community in the city. Here, homes sit right on the beach.

The last city in the San Diego area is Del Mar. Mentioned in the Beach Boys’ Surfing USA, Del Mar is a small upper class town located on several beaches. Del Mar’s 15th Street Beach receives frequent mention as one of the top beaches in the world. The Del Mar Racetrack is located here, and is famous for its horse racing. Built by Bing Crosby and other Hollywood celebrities, Bing welcomed visitors on opening day. This is the track that was the home to Seabiscuit of movie fame. The Torrey Pine National Reserve, located here, has some great bridges for your limousine from San Diego to drive over. Torrey pine trees are only grown in this region of the world.

Taking a ride in a limousine or town car in San Diego will help you enjoy the great beauty of San Diego and leave behind memories to last a lifetime. There is no more comfortable and personal way to explore the San Diego region of Southern California.

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Intoxicated Driver Get-Home-Safely Service In San Diego – Have a DUI? Need to get to work? Call us!

Press Release – December 15, 2011Town Car Limousine is a professional town car and limousine company in San Diego that has many years experience. This amazing company has served many celebrity clients and offers an array of vehicle choices. Town Car Limo is now offering previous clients and new customers a new service called “Intoxicated Driver Get-Home-Safely Service.”

Intoxicated Driver Get-Home-Safely Service In San Diego - Have a DUI? Need to get to work? Call us!

The “Intoxicated Driver Get-Home-Safely Service” allows people who have been drinking a chance to get home safely while keeping themselves and others of out danger. According to MADD statistics, the average driver has driven 80 times drunk before ever being arrested. MADD also states each year approximately 10,000 people will die in drunk-driving crashes. If you plan on drinking or have too much to drink, it is not worth the risk, chance, your life or anyone else’s life, to try to drive home. Call Town Car Limo in San Diego and have them get you home safely. The company would be happy to take just yourself or yourself and your loved ones home.

At least 10% of the human population will be faced with a life-threatening experience involving alcohol at some point in their lives, as recognized by Ajana Transportation. The company recommends smart partying; however, it is possibly for people to leave in a state in which they put themselves and others in danger. This happens especially when these people decide to get behind the wheel. Instead of getting behind the wheel, call Town Car Limo and have someone come pick you up. The company will send out two drivers; one to drive you and your car or the other driver to follow you both home. This ensures you and your car make it home safely.

Getting over a DUI can be part of the journey to the road to recovery and sobriety. Drivers who have a DUI and are not allowed to drive or have a license suspension should call this company. They offer daily, weekly and monthly transportation needs that fit any schedule. Have a DUI or need to get to work? No problem, give this company a call to setup your transportation needs.

More information can be found online at

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Limousine Town Car San Diego Rental Guide

Channel your inner rock star and add pizzazz to a night on the town, or attend a formal event in style in a limousine! The prestige and comfort of riding behind dark tinted windows in a sleek vehicle can’t be surpassed. Superior quality and service are elements crucial to an unforgettable experience. Before going with any old limousine provider, there are some things to consider.

You’ll want the limo to reflect your standards. Assess the car’s features and decide if it’s right for you. For instance, a limousine with a bar might be less important for leaving a wedding reception than for chauffeuring a rowdy bachelor party. Do you prefer a town car or a stretch hummer, or something in between? Definitely see that your choice is well maintained and can seat your entire entourage comfortably.

If you are not promptly shown all licensing and documentation, book elsewhere. Inquire about the company’s membership with organizations such as the National Limousine Organization or Better Business Bureau. Such accreditation shows the company consistently provides quality service. Ask about client testimonials or do an online search.

Accidents do happen, so verify that the company also has valid insurance. In the unlikely event that there is a collision or other mishap, you’ll want the vehicle and all passengers to be covered.

Furthermore, consider the personality of your driver. Can you interview them beforehand and get a feel for their experience and training? Maybe you want a driver to meld into the backdrop, like scenery. Perhaps you prefer a glib driver that can seamlessly pass for a pal. Whatever your preference, demand the three P’s: Professional, Polite, and Punctual.

The procedure for calculating costs differs between companies. How long will you require services? Find out if there is a flat fee or an hourly rate. Cheaper fees don’t always mean a lower final cost. Ask if there are fuel surcharges or other miscellaneous fees, such as gratuity. Many companies have all-inclusive packages with your event in mind. Remember, too, that booking in advance may be necessary, as well as a deposit which may or may not be refundable. Get your quote in writing and place a follow-up phone call after booking to confirm.

Ultimately, having clear expectations of your limousine and allotting the time to compare services ensures that yours will be a carefree and luxurious experience. Dim the lights and relax in the plush seating, or party it up with champagne and loud music. Leave the navigation to your driver as you hit the road in your limousine.

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The “Intoxicated Driver Get-Home-Safely Service” Provides Peace of Mind – San Diego

Drinking and driving puts drivers, passengers and others on the road at risk every day. Drinking impairs judgement and makes driving home or being on the road dangerous for the driver and anyone else in the car and on the road.

Consider this scenario. You’ve just gone to bed and the phone rings. You recognize the ring as your teen’s cell and you wonder. The call is a cry for assistance. Too much partying got out of hand. Yet your teen has the presence of mind to recognize he should not get behind the wheel of his car. He understands he cannot safely drive home.

You can’t leave the little ones already tucked away in their beds. But, you recall an ad for “Intoxicated Driver Get-Home-Safely Service” a Town Car Limo service that picks up incapacitated drivers and gets them safely home. A quick search and you find their website ( Soon you have their number. A call to Town Car Limo puts your mind at rest, knowing your teen and his car will get safely home.

Whether you find yourself in a position where driving home isn’t safe or a DUI (Driving Under the Influence) citation keeps you out of the driver’s seat, Town Car Limo understands the need for a safe ride home or for rides to and from work. They now offer the “Intoxicated Driver Get-Home-Safely Service” service to keep you and your loved ones safe.

If you drove to a party and realize you aren’t in a position to drive home, call the Town Car Limo “Intoxicated Driver Get-Home-Safely Service.” They will respond with a car and two drivers. One driver drives you home in your car while the second driver follows, picking up the first driver once you are in your own driveway.

For those with DUIs, Town Car Limo offers packages for daily, weekly or monthly services to get you where you need to go at a reasonable price. While Town Car Limo asks you to party responsibly, they are there to help with their “Intoxicated Driver Get-Home-Safely Service” when you need it most.

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