Town Car Limo in San Diego – Join us for a photo safari around Carlsbad – March & April 2011

Town Car Limo Calsbad – Join us for a photo safari around Carlsbad

Contrary to what it’s name suggests, the city of Carlsbad has nothing Germanic: it wasfounded in 1769 by a Spanish conquistador with a Franciscan monk who stoppedalong a lagoon whose shores were populated settlements of Luiseno Indians. Today,56 miles north of San Diego, the city is best known for the theme park Legoland,unique in the United States, and for his surf spot in the worldwide reputation. Butthese are fields of flowers led me to visit Carlsbad a beautiful April morning.
Carlsbad Flower Fields (Carlsbad flower fields) is a site easy to locate on a map: youcome from the North (Los Angeles) or South (from San Diego), you can not miss from the highway you Admire colorful fields in spring, out of sight. I recommend you stop for fun. Parking immense, with American, to pay a few dollars to enter and walk through the fields, and you breathe in here, admiring look. First a few squares offlowers welcome you and hold your attention: lupins, foxgloves, pansies and daisiesin a light breeze rustling. On your knees, you set your sharpness to the silky petals, pistils, downy, velvet hearts. Around me, photographers are busy with the sameconcentration: Sunday devices or macro lenses, all have the same ambition, capture what the eyes discern badly… to be continued

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