Limousine Service – Party too hard? Too much drinking? We have solutions for you!

Limousine Service: Intoxicated Driver Get-Home-Safely Service

We know that it is a major problem for many people that they end up driving home in a state that they should not be driving at all. While some may have had a couple of drinks and others may have had a few more, they all think that they are fine to go home. It is understandable, as you do not want to leave your car there and you do not want to pay for a cab when you have your car. However, it is just as important to realize that even the slightest bit of inhibition can lead to disaster on the road. It only takes an instant to get in an accident, especially at night. One wrong turn or one reaction that is too slow and you could end up dead or killing someone. That is why we believe in being safe.

We at Ajana Transportation know that around 10% of people are going to have problems with alcohol that could be life threatening if not handled properly. We believe that all partying should be done responsibly and it should be done with limits in mind. We do not want to see people driving while so drunk that they are a danger to themselves and a danger to other people. That is not what anyone wants. We urge people to stay off the road and to think about others when they are about to drive drunk. It is not just a decision you make for you, but it is a decision you make for all those who could be on the road at the time you get in an accident. Please stay off the road and protect yourself and the rest of the population too.

That is why we have a service where we can send you two cars if you are in a situation where you or a friend is too drunk to drive home. We will have one car that will get all of you home and another that can follow the car. For example, if you need to get your friend home and then go home yourself, one car will drive you and your friend to his home, then you can take the second car to your home or you can just have the second car follow you guys to be safe so that nothing happens at night.

So please call Ajana Transportation so we can help you get home and stay off the road at the same time! We also have a solution for your DUI… 

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2 Responses to Limousine Service – Party too hard? Too much drinking? We have solutions for you!

  1. Limousine service helps while people those want to drink and enjoy during parties. Avoid drunk and drive always.

  2. This service is really unique I would say. This happens with me lot of time when we all are drunk and nobody is able to drive safely. I liked your service info.

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