The “Intoxicated Driver Get-Home-Safely Service” Provides Peace of Mind – San Diego

Drinking and driving puts drivers, passengers and others on the road at risk every day. Drinking impairs judgement and makes driving home or being on the road dangerous for the driver and anyone else in the car and on the road.

Consider this scenario. You’ve just gone to bed and the phone rings. You recognize the ring as your teen’s cell and you wonder. The call is a cry for assistance. Too much partying got out of hand. Yet your teen has the presence of mind to recognize he should not get behind the wheel of his car. He understands he cannot safely drive home.

You can’t leave the little ones already tucked away in their beds. But, you recall an ad for “Intoxicated Driver Get-Home-Safely Service” a Town Car Limo service that picks up incapacitated drivers and gets them safely home. A quick search and you find their website ( Soon you have their number. A call to Town Car Limo puts your mind at rest, knowing your teen and his car will get safely home.

Whether you find yourself in a position where driving home isn’t safe or a DUI (Driving Under the Influence) citation keeps you out of the driver’s seat, Town Car Limo understands the need for a safe ride home or for rides to and from work. They now offer the “Intoxicated Driver Get-Home-Safely Service” service to keep you and your loved ones safe.

If you drove to a party and realize you aren’t in a position to drive home, call the Town Car Limo “Intoxicated Driver Get-Home-Safely Service.” They will respond with a car and two drivers. One driver drives you home in your car while the second driver follows, picking up the first driver once you are in your own driveway.

For those with DUIs, Town Car Limo offers packages for daily, weekly or monthly services to get you where you need to go at a reasonable price. While Town Car Limo asks you to party responsibly, they are there to help with their “Intoxicated Driver Get-Home-Safely Service” when you need it most.

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