Tourism in Solana Beach: our Hidden Treasure

There is nothing but a beautiful horizon to be seen while walking on any of the four beaches that make up Solana Beach. In Fletcher Cove you will find a striking resemblance to the Aztec ruins with its sandy “mountains” lining the shore topped by quaint houses. There are endless outdoor activities offered, such as kayaking and hiking, for those less inclined, there are boutiques to create a full day. By night, a tour of San Diego nightlife is just minutes away. Enjoy the many diverse restaurants to experience a “taste” of all of the culture there is to absorb!

Solana_Beach_in1956With four main beaches making up Solana Beach, it is no wonder why this is a community of surfers. Each beach offers a new landscape while surfing the exhilarating waves. With plenty of community organized surfing events, anyone can enjoy a bit of friendly competition and/or participate in raising funds for a good cause. There is hardly a dull moment to be found on a beautiful, sunny day with waves pleading for you to come out and play.

If you are fortunate enough to be in Solana Beach in the early summer months you may encounter the highly anticipated Fiesta del Sol, a traditional music festival that has been running for the past 32 years. Two days of continuous music, arts, crafts and enjoyment for all ages with no admission cost is hard to come by and worthwhile to take advantage of. Performers bring music of all types including jazz, Latin, rock and blues, further emphasizing the thick culture of the region.

Keep Sunday afternoons reserved for a trip to the Solana Beach Farmer’s Market available between 1pm and 5pm. From the locally grown produce to the hand crafted and homemade goods, this is the most authentic way to directly connect with Solana Beach. With tables lining the street you can take your time, and a seat, browsing and enjoying anything of interest to you, whether it is a delicious fruit or a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry.

Cedros Avenue is no Fifth Avenue by any means. Fifth Avenue cannot offer the unique pieces to lure you into the various shops and galleries along the way. Every doorway seems to a hold an experience unlike any other. Enjoy a wine you have never come across or make your way toward a fabulous piece for your bedroom, find something you would never find anywhere else. Explore all the wonder Cedros Avenue has to offer.

Affordability, variety, and a rare location leave no excuse to miss out on experiencing what Solana Beach has to offer. The average home has 2-3 bedrooms and is equipped with views to die for. With so many options and the wonderful value of each rental home it is best to choose one quickly before another lucky visitor does.

Keeping up with your urban city life while still being able to kick back and enjoy a small community is one of many great reasons to come to Solana Beach. With the family friendly activities that never seem to stop you will be wondering why you considered anywhere else. It is very likely you will want to come back to catch up on anything you may have missed during your first visit. Fortunately, Solana Beach is always providing new and exciting ways to entertain guests. If it is a seat at the farmer’s market, a surf lesson in Fletcher Cove or a beautiful sculpture on Cedros Avenue, a reservation is waiting for you!

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