Intoxicated Driver Get-Home-Safely Service In San Diego – Have a DUI? Need to get to work? Call us!

Press Release – December 15, 2011Town Car Limousine is a professional town car and limousine company in San Diego that has many years experience. This amazing company has served many celebrity clients and offers an array of vehicle choices. Town Car Limo is now offering previous clients and new customers a new service called “Intoxicated Driver Get-Home-Safely Service.”

Intoxicated Driver Get-Home-Safely Service In San Diego - Have a DUI? Need to get to work? Call us!

The “Intoxicated Driver Get-Home-Safely Service” allows people who have been drinking a chance to get home safely while keeping themselves and others of out danger. According to MADD statistics, the average driver has driven 80 times drunk before ever being arrested. MADD also states each year approximately 10,000 people will die in drunk-driving crashes. If you plan on drinking or have too much to drink, it is not worth the risk, chance, your life or anyone else’s life, to try to drive home. Call Town Car Limo in San Diego and have them get you home safely. The company would be happy to take just yourself or yourself and your loved ones home.

At least 10% of the human population will be faced with a life-threatening experience involving alcohol at some point in their lives, as recognized by Ajana Transportation. The company recommends smart partying; however, it is possibly for people to leave in a state in which they put themselves and others in danger. This happens especially when these people decide to get behind the wheel. Instead of getting behind the wheel, call Town Car Limo and have someone come pick you up. The company will send out two drivers; one to drive you and your car or the other driver to follow you both home. This ensures you and your car make it home safely.

Getting over a DUI can be part of the journey to the road to recovery and sobriety. Drivers who have a DUI and are not allowed to drive or have a license suspension should call this company. They offer daily, weekly and monthly transportation needs that fit any schedule. Have a DUI or need to get to work? No problem, give this company a call to setup your transportation needs.

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